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Gerrie Summers

Gerrie Summers

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Gerrie Summers has more than a decade of experience writing about beauty and the beauty industry.


Gerrie has been a professional writer for several years covering an eclectic range of subject matter from entertainment to travel. She has a passion for beauty products and treatments and probably the world's largest collection of red lipstick. She was the beauty editor of Today’s Black Woman for 15 years and wrote a grooming column for its brother publication, Black Men.

You can read more about Gerrie on her Google Profile page: Gerrie Summers.


Gerrie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Composition from Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin.

By Gerrie Summers:

I’ve been interested in beauty products since I was a little girl, when I would test out homemade beauty secrets, experimenting with lemons, eggs and mayonnaise (that was fun). Messy memories aside, I find it interesting that several of those ingredients have found their way into many of the beauty products today. I still dabble in kitchen beauty and I love trying out new products. I’ve gone through the stages of looking like an extra for Night of the Living Dead because of foundations that were pink-based or too light for my brown skin. So consider me your living product tester. Today there are more products geared toward ethnic women—it’s a burgeoning market, which means many companies will jump on the bandwagon and not every product will really be right for you. I’ll do the experimenting to discover whether a product or beauty trend works on our beautiful skin of color.


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