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Profile of Michelle Obama - Michelle Obama Biography
A biography and profile of Michelle Obama, wife of presidential candidate and Illinois Senator Barack Obama.
Michelle Obama Staff Size and Salaries - US Government Info
Find out how many people are on Michelle Obama's staff, each staff member's salary and title, and how the staff compares to those of previous first ladies.
Barack and Michelle Obama Marriage Profile - About.com
Here is information about the marriage of President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Robinson Obama, such as how they met, where they live, children, etc.
Michelle Obama - Bio, Photos, Her Chicago Favorites
Before Michelle Obama met Barack Obama, her name was Michelle Robinson. She was born on the south side of Chicago on January 17, 1964 and was raised  ...
Michelle Obama From Working Class Girl to First Lady - Working ...
From the presidential campaign trail to the White House, Michelle Obama has defined herself as one of the "regular folks," and that designation carries even ...
Michelle Obama's Staff - Urban Legends
Viral text castigates First Lady Michelle Obama for requiring a paid staff of more than 20 people, claiming she has an "unprecedented" number of "attendants.".
Michelle Obama Jokes - Late-Night Jokes About Michelle Obama
A roundup of late-night jokes poking fun at First Lady Michelle Obama.
Marian Robinson, Mother of Michelle Obama
Marian Robinson, America's First Granny, lives in the White House with daughter Michelle Obama, son-in-law President Barack Obama and her two ...
Funniest Michelle Obama Facial Expressions - Political Humor
A collection of humorous, playful and sassy photos of First Lady Michelle Obama.
Did Michelle Obama Say 'All This for a Damn Flag?' - Urban Legends
Online rumor claims news video shows First Lady Michelle Obama whispering ' All this for a damn flag' during a flag folding ceremony on the anniversary of 9/11.
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