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Carol’s Daughter Coconut Bath & Body Collection

Review of Body Cleansing Cream, Frappé Body Lotion, Shea Soufflé & Dry Mist Oil

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Carol’s Daughter Coconut Bath & Body Collection

Carol's Daughter Coconut Bath & Body Collection.

Photo: Carol's Daughter
The Coconut Bath & Body Collection consists of four products inspired by Lisa Price (i.e. Carol’s daughter)’s mother. It was one of her favorite fragrances and with one whiff, Price reveals, she would “be on a tropical island getaway.” The collection consists of Coconut Body Cleansing Cream, Coconut Shea Soufflé, and Coconut Dry Oil Mist, joining the already existing Coconut Frappé Body Lotion. The new Shea Soufflé, Dry Oil Mist and Cleansing Cream contain coconut water, water lily and sheer amber. The Frappé Body Lotion contains shea and cocoa butters and rice bran and grapeseed oils. The entire line is free of parabens, petroleum, mineral oil and artificial colors. Will this line transport you to tropical palm trees, sand and sun?

Coconut Body Cleansing Cream


The Coconut Body Cleansing Cream is a sulfate-free cleanser for all skin types. It contains coconut-derived cleansers to wash away impurities without harsh chemical surfactants; aloe leaf juice to sooth the skin and oat protein conditions the skin making it softer and smoother.


Usually cleansers that have gentler surfactants don’t lather very well, but this one does (at least when used with a mesh sponge). It doesn’t have a heavy coconut scent; in fact the predominant floral scent is very subtle. The cleanser is very moisturizing. I used the cleanser on a day in which I didn’t have time to put on moisturizer. This would typically result in a bout with ashy skin, but I noticed that an hour or so later, my skin was very soft and there were no signs of dryness.

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Coconut Shea Soufflé

Carol's Daughter Coconut Shea Soufflé.

Photo: Carol's Daughter


The Coconut Shea Soufflé is a non-greasy, fast-absorbing daily moisturizer for dry to extra dry skin. It contains coconut and grapeseed oil to soften the skin and maintain the skin’s moisture balance. Shea and cocoa butters deeply moisturize.


This is my favorite from the line. It’s a perfect skin hydrator for use during dry, winter months, in dry climates or any conditions that tend to strip the skin of moisture. I thought the coconut scent might be overpowering, but it’s mild.

Coconut Frappé Body Lotion


The Coconut Frappé Body Lotion is a light, fast-absorbing lotion for normal to dry skin. It contains grapeseed and rice bran oils to seal in moisture, plus aloe leaf juice to leave a layer of sheen. Shea and coconut moisturize and sooth the skin.

I prefer the Soufflé to the lotion, but it is a good moisturizer and light enough for the warmer months.

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Coconut Dry Oil Mist

Carol's Daughter Coconut Dry Oil Mist.

Photo: Carol's Daughter


The Coconut Dry Oil Mist contains shea butter, coconut extract and aloe leaf juice to sooth and condition, and acai berry extract, an antioxidant, protects skin from environmental agers.


Another favorite, this mist can be used for additional moisture and to freshen the scent. Like the other products in the line, the scent is mild and refreshing.

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