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Tamar Braxton Interview

Tamar Shares Her Beauty Secrets


Tamar Braxton Interview

Singer Tamar Braxton.

Photo: Epic Records
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"Beauty is within."

Tamar Braxton is getting her turn in the spotlight. She’s no longer just known as the baby sister of Grammy Award-winning recording artist Toni Braxton. Tamar is enjoying success of her own with her hit singles "The One" and "Love and War" from her second album Love and War on Streamline/Epic Records.

Tamar began to really shine when she appeared with sisters Toni, Traci, Towanda and Trina on WEtv’s Braxton Family Values. It soon became WE’s highest rated reality TV show.

Tamar was considered by many to be the breakout star of the show with her sharp wit and no holds barred opinionative nature, along with catchphrases. Who knew dot.com and dot.org could be used as adjectives? This lead to a spinoff WEtv reality show with husband, music mogul Vince Herbert called Tamar & Vince. Together the couple also has a new number one “production”, a baby boy named Logan.

Tamar is the real dot.com and her personality no doubt landed her a spot as a host on The Real talk show along with co-hosts Jeannie Mai, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love and Adrienne Bailon.

In this interview with Multicultural Beauty, Tamar shares her favorite beauty products, favorite trends, tips and more.

Multicultural Beauty: What's your favorite new beauty trend?

Tamar Braxton: Oh yeah, I have a good one! My favorite new beauty trend is to ice your face at night. Yes! It keeps the inflammation down, like if you get a zit or something from all the make up you have on during the day, it takes it away.

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MB: Are there any beauty trends that you just can't stand or that you see women doing that you think is horrible?

TB: I’m over the blue hair, the pink hair, like the Rainbow Bright colors.  That’s not cute anymore everybody. It’s like not the 80’s anymore.  It’s late.

MB: Do you have a makeup artist for The Real and Tamar & Vince, or do you like to do your own makeup?

TB: I have a makeup artist but I can do my own makeup.  I don’t like to though!

MB: What makeup/beauty products do you consider to be must-haves?

TB: I must have Black Opal.  It does not break out my skin. I never have sensitive skin.  I must have Dove soap because it’s the only thing that I use on my face that doesn’t break me out.  And I must have black eyeliner and mascara.

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MB: If you were on a desert island, and could have only one beauty product, what would it be?

TB: One? That’s so hard! Lip gloss, how about that?

MB: What products are in your bag right now?

I have Dove Fresh deodorant—my favorite brand, lotion for your hands, Fresh Sugar for your lips, and lip gloss.

MB: What is your skin care/beauty routine?

TB: I start by taking off my makeup with Neutrogena wipes. They don’t break out your skin. Then I wash my face with Dove, then I ice it, then put some La Mer on and I go to bed.

MB: Were any beauty tips passed down to you by your mother/grandmother/sisters, etc?

TB: Toni gave me the icing [tip].

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MB: What is beauty to you?

TB: Beauty is everything and beauty is within, however, if you don’t feel good on the outside, then you will not look good. So think twice about those oversized pants.  Do not wear those.*MB*

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