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Celebrities in Red Lipstick


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Fan Bingbing
Celebrities in Red Lipstick

Fan Bingbing arrives at the new High Jewellry Collection “Sortilege de Cartier” collection launch in Rome at Villa Aurella.

Photo by Vittorio Zunino (Getty Images Entertainment)

Light Skin Tones

Chinese actress/singer Fan Bingbing loves bright red lipstick. It does give her a more dramatic look, because it’s striking against her pale skin. In this look the eyes are dramatically lined, with curled lashes and dark mascara. The eyes don't detract too much from the blue-based scarlet red lips, yet also keeps the lips from becoming too jarring against pale skin. The rest of the face is nude, giving Fan a porcelain doll look.

You do have to be careful using deep reds on thin lips, which will make the lips look smaller and could look strange especially against very pale skin. You don't want to look like the Joker.

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