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Indian Beauty

Find the right makeup to complement olive to dark skin tones, learn about herbal and ayurvedic beauty products and more.

What is a Bindi?
The bindi is an ancient form of forehead art worn in India and Southeast Asia.

Bindi Beauty
A photo slideshow of Indian women in beautiful forehead art.

Pavan Ahluwalia's Stunning Henna Body Art Designs
A slideshow of top henna artist Pavan Ahluwalia's mehndi body art designs.

Top Beauty Tips for the New Year
Here's your January Multicultural Beauty Calendar. Make resolutions, schedule beauty treatments, get ready for the New Year!

Turmeric for Beauty?
Turmeric for Beauty? This super skincare spice has amazing beauty benefits.

Timeless Fall Makeup Tips for Indian Women
Fall makeup tips and trends for Indian women.

Turmeric Anti-Aging Recipes for the Face
Turmeric has anti-aging and wrinkle stopping properties. Try these two at-home treatments for smooth and supple skin.

Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask
Juara Skincare's Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask combines turmeric and clay to leave skin soft and radiant.

Indian Actresses: Meet L'Oreal's Triple Threats
Meet three Indian actresses signed to L'Oreal Paris as brand ambassadors.

10 Beauty Resolutions to Keep
10 important resolutions to keep skin of color beautiful all year.

What is Melasma?
Melasma - Causes and Treatments

How to Conceal Melasma
Concealers with SPF for Melasma

May Multicultural Beauty Calendar
May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Learn how to protect your skin from the sun. It's also the perfect time to get your skin ready for summer!

Go Green Beauty Tips
It's April. Go green this month by choosing earth-friendly beauty products or planting a beauty garden and creating your own homemade beauty recipes.

Top Beauty Tips for March
It's March! Spring clean your makeup, get your skin ready for the warm weather.

Top Beauty Tips for February
Here's your February Multicultural Beauty Calendar. Get ready for Valentine's Day, stock up on fragrances and get tips for caring for dry winter skin.

Interview with Henna Artist Pavan Ahluwalia
Pavan Ahluwalia talks about her henna art designs and reclaiming the Guinness World Record for World's Fastest Henna Artist.

How to Do Marma Point Facial Massage
What is marma point massage and why is it great for your face?

Doshas and Skin Care
How knowing your "dosha" (ayurvedic mind/body principle) can help you care for your skin.

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