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Pavan Ahluwalia's Stunning Henna Body Art Designs


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Pavan Ahluwalia: Guinness World Record Holder of Fastest Henna Artist
Pavan Ahluwalia's Stunning Henna Body Art Designs

Henna artist Pavan Ahluwalia/Pavan Ahluwalia applying henna on a young student.

Photos: Courtesy of Pavan Ahluwalia/Ian Gavan (Getty Images)

Pavandeep Ahluwalia is the UK’s leading henna artist and the fastest.

Known simply as Pavan Ahluwalia, the talented artist reclaimed her Guinness World Record title as The World’s Fastest Henna Artist on February 27, 2012, after painting 511 henna mehndi armbands in one hour, on students at Goodmayes Primary School in Ilford, England—and each design had to be unique. She broke her own previous record of 314 set back in 2008 when she was only 24-years old. Ahluwalia held the record until Dipti Desai of India created 380 armbands on October 21, 2011.

Five hundred and eleven unique armbands is a record that is going to be hard to beat!

The self-taught artist has been creating mehndi decorations since the age of seven. She started getting serious about the art form at the age of 17 while at a family wedding where the mehndi art being applied wasn’t quite up to par. Ahluwalia accurately determined that she could do a better job.

Pavan studied at the University of Westminster before setting up a business to create henna tattoos for weddings (mehndi art is a huge part of Indian, Pakistani and Bengali wedding ceremonies) and special occasions. Word spread and she started getting work in the entertainment business for Sky television and the BBC’s soap opera EastEnders (to do designs for the series' first Asian wedding). Her business has expanded to include interior design (wall art, wallpaper, etc.), window dressing for stores like Harrods, even food art like couture wedding cakes, as well as henna art classes.

Pavan Ahluwalia's designs utilize glitter, diamante (small ornaments such as rhinestones and other gems) and colorful body paint to create intricate bespoke designs that are truly works of art. Her henna art designs can be seen in music videos, on red carpets and catwalks. Ahluwalia's designs have embellished such celebrities as Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon, the Sugababes and Preeya Kalidas.

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