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Beauty Ingredients

Learn more about the ingredients in your beauty products. Why are they used? Do they work? What are the benefits and what are the dangers?

Moringa Oil Skin Benefits
Moringa - the miracle beauty oil.

Is The Bird Poop Facial the Secret to Flawless Skin?
Uguisu no Fun (or nightingale feces) is an ancient beauty treatment used by Japanese geishas and kabuki actors. It's now a favorite treatment of Victoria and David Beckham and even Oprah has tried it. Does it work? Or is this just, well, crap?

Pumpkin for Healthy Skin
The Great Pumpkin: Find out how pumpkin has great exfoliating properties, giving skin a healthy glow. Plus check out three pumpkin products for smooth and soft skin.

Argan Oil for Beauty
The Berber women of Morocco used argan oil for beauty thousands of years ago. Find out why it is called liquid gold.

Shea Butter: What It Is, Why It Works
Shea butter is an antioxidant-rich vegetable oil from the African karite tree that fades dark spots and age spots, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and soothes skin irritations.

Natural Alternatives to Petroleum Jelly
If you're nervous about the ingredients in petroleum jelly but want the great moisture retaining and dry skin protection, try these natural alternatives.

Petroleum Jelly Beauty Myths & Benefits
Petroleum jelly has been used for years to relieve dry skin conditions. Does it really moisturize the skin or does it clog pores?

Is Petroleum Jelly Safe?
Get the facts about the safety of petroleum jelly in cosmetics.

The Skin Care Benefits of Pomegranates
Find out about the skin protective benefits of pomegranates.

Turmeric for Beauty?
Turmeric for Beauty? This super skincare spice has amazing beauty benefits.

Turmeric Anti-Aging Recipes for the Face
Turmeric has anti-aging and wrinkle stopping properties. Try these two at-home treatments for smooth and supple skin.

8 Top Skin Care Benefits of African Black Soap
The skin care benefits of African black soap.

Homemade Adzuki Bean Facial & Body Scrubs
Do it yourself adzuki bean face and body scrubs.

Rose Water Beauty Benefits and Recipes
Learn about rose water beauty and skin benefits and try these rose water recipes at home.

4 Simple Ways to Make Rose Water
4 easy ways to make rose water at home.

14 Wrinkle Reducers
14 wrinkle reducers to keep your skin wrinkle free or diminish and reduce existing fine lines and wrinkles.

Rose Oil for Beauty and Skin Care
The beauty and skin care benefits of rose oil, with do-it-your-self skin care recipes.

Common Sense Tips for Using Homemade Beauty Recipes
Are your homemade beauty recipes safe and effective? Read this article for commonsense tips for DIY beauty.

Are Microbeads in Cosmetics Harmful?
Microbeads are tiny abrasives used as exfoliants in cosmetics, personal care and beauty products. But they could be harming the waterways and marine life--and might even be harming you.

Many countries have banned or restricted the use of prescription and over-the-counter hydroquinone. Why is it still available in the US?

Bearberry for Dark Spots
Bearberry is an alternative to hydroquinone for fading age spots and other skin discolorations.

Baobab Oil for Soft and Youthful Skin
Baobab: Why the oil from the iconic "tree of life" gives new life to dry and damaged skin.

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