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Ocean Eyes

How to Wear Blue Eyeshadow


Ocean Eyes

Ocean Eyes: Rocking the blue eyeshadow trend.

Photo: © Gerrie Summers

Blue eyeshadow was considered a big no-no in the past. One look at Mimi from the Drew Carey Show is enough to scare anyone from the trend. But blue eyeshadow has made a successful comeback and there are ways to wear bright blue without looking like a sitcom character. When the right shade is properly applied, it can give your eyes a bold and beautiful look for summer.

How to Pick the Right Shade

It might take some experimentation to find the shade of blue that works with your skin tone and eye color. For the model featured in the photo on this page, makeup artist Carmindy from TLC's What Not to Wear, used a bright aqua color.

Bold colors like aquamarine and turquoise actually work well on deeper skin tones. Dark skin and brown eyes look great in greenish-blues, just make sure that whatever shade you choose is rich in pigment. If it's too pale, it can look washed out.

Those with lighter to olive skin tones might want to choose blue that is going more towards the lilac/violet/purple range. If you have green eyes and olive or dark skin you might also look better in blues with purple or pink tones. For blue eyes, blue eyeshadow is a challenge, so use a violet-blue or a dark blue shade. For those who still find that blue eyeshadow is overwhelming but would still like to try the look, use blue in the crease or stick with blue liner.

Jane Iredale Eye Gloss in Aqua Silk

Application Tips

1 Sweep the eyeshadow only onto the lid. Do not take the color beyond the crease.

2 Avoid using black eyeliner. Instead opt for a deep blue eyeliner and line just along the lid to emphasize the color.

3 Stay neutral. For this look you'll want to stick with neutral cheeks, lips and mascara. Use a lip and blush shade close to your skin tone.

4 The lighter foundations worn during the summer work well with this trend. You can also try a tinted moisturizer with SPF.

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