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Fall/Winter Makeup Trends 2012-2013


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Fall/Winter Makeup Trends 2012-2013
Fall/Winter Makeup Trends 2012-2013

Sportmax Runway, Milan Fashion Week A/W 2012-2013.

Photo: Tullio M. Puglia (Getty Images)

For the most part the makeup on the runways featured typical fall and winter looks, with a few avant-garde and over-the-top creations tossed in. Several looks placed a focus on the eyes, with natural faces, and nude or pink lips. But there were also dark lips colors—gorgeous bold reds and deep burgundy, dark wines and chocolates with high gloss shine. Other looks featured delicately lined or heavily kohl-lined eyes, smudged smoky eyes with a twist, and shimmery and iridescent eye shadows. Fall shadow palettes feature pinks, purples, blue-greens and jewel tones. Cheeks ranged from nude, lightly flushed to full blush.

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