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Shimmer Makeup and Skin Tone


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Adding Shimmer to Your Evening Look
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A shimmery eyeshadow is all you need for this understated yet beautiful evening look.

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Adding shimmer to makeup is like adding jewelry to a pretty cocktail dress. It can make your makeup look more festive for parties, special occasions and elegant evening events.

Less is more with shimmer and sparkles, so first decide which areas you want to accentuate—eyes, cheeks or lips. You don’t want to use it all over the face. Don't add shimmer to any place you wouldn't want to draw attention to. The idea is to place the spotlight on a specific area that you intend to be the focal point.

What Type of Shimmer Should You Use?

  • Use a shimmer lotion if you want just a touch of shimmer.

  • A shimmer cream will give you more of a medium coverage.

  • Use shimmer powder if you want more coverage and more noticeable sparkle.

If you have oily skin, make sure that you use a shimmer product with a crease-free formula so that it will not cake or crease.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight adds a shimmering glow to eye shadow as well as making eye color last all night.

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