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Shimmer Makeup and Skin Tone


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Shimmer Shades & Eye Color
Shimmer Makeup and Skin Tone

Here is a golden bronze eye shadow look that is stunning on this Latina model.

Photo by ColorBlind/Digital Vision (Getty Images)

Eye Color

Eye color is something to consider when using shimmer eye shadows. Brown eyes are the easiest to match because they are complimented by most shades, especially blues, plums, greens, grays, and vibrant colors. Green/hazel eyes look great in pinkish browns, plums, lilacs and other reddish tones. Blue eyes look best in orange tones like browns, camel, apricot, and golds.

Using a highlighting shade (the lightest shade) just under the brow bone and in the inner corners of the eyes opens up the eye area, making the eyes look brighter.

Brush a shimmery shadow along the upper and lower lid lines with a flat eyeliner brush and use darker tones for definition.

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