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Shimmer Makeup and Skin Tone


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Skin Tone & Eye Shimmer
Shimmer Makeup and Skin Tone

Medium to dark tones can use a deep lilac color on the lids, with a lighter shimmery shade by the brow.

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So many factors can come into play when it comes to shimmery eye shadows, from skin tone, hair color and highlights to clothing and personal taste. In general lighter shimmers look better on lighter skin tones and darker shades on darker skin tones. Also take into consideration your skin's undertones. Silver looks better on lighter skin with cool undertones and deep gold looks great on dark skin with warm undertones. If you have a warm skin tone you'll look better in warmer shades (warm reddish pinks, warmer golds) and cool undertones look better in cooler shades (cooler pinks, blues, greens).

Light to medium - soft lavenders, pinks, greens, blues, champagnes, light golden peach.

Tan - shimmery pale shades, pale gold, lilac and light green.

Olive - can go a little deeper in color, deeper blues, lavender, coppery peach, copper.

Dark skin – can use more vivid, deeper color--gold, bronze, purple, greens, blues.

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