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Special Occasion & Party Makeup (Featuring Black Opal)


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Silver and Gold
Special Occasion & Party Makeup (Featuring Black Opal)
Photo: Courtesy of Black Opal

If you want to look fabulous for holiday parties and get-togethers, office parties, New Year’s Eve bashes as well as other parties and occasions throughout the year, Black Opal’s limited edition eye shadow trios will help you shine. The eye kits are presented in a sleek black portable palette with mirror and brush, small enough to fit inside the tiniest of evening bags.

With a mix of shimmery minerals and velvety mattes, the shades feature oil-free, longwearing, crease and fade resistant formulas. The mineral-based formula reflects light away from fine lines and dark circles and contains vitamins A, C and E to condition and protect the eyelids.

Learn how to match shimmer makeup and skin tone.

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