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Spring/Summer 2013 Makeup Trends: the Eyes


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Spring/Summer 2013 Makeup Trends: the Eyes
Spring/Summer 2013 Makeup Trends: the Eyes

Miranda Konstantinidou Runway, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.

Photo: Samir Hussein (Getty)

The makeup creations featured on the spring and summer 2013 runways had a major focus on the eyes and lips. For more about these looks, be sure to see Spring/Summer Makeup Trends 2013.

As for the eyes, there were lots of pastel and soft gray shades, but also a pop of color—yellows and lots of blue eye shadow and liner. There were interestingly lined cat eyes and bold, thick brows, though softer and less severe than last season's stern brows.

There was bright blue eye shadow at the Miranda Konstantnidou runway (above) at Mercedes-Benz FW S/S 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

Click NEXT for a look at more eye makeup for spring and summer.

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