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Spring/Summer Makeup Trends 2013


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Fun Glittery Lips
Spring/Summer Makeup Trends 2013

Degen presentation during S/S 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Photo: Andy Kropa (Getty Images)

Even though a lot of the makeup on the fashion runways for spring and summer once again featured fresh and bare faces, there seemed to be a lot more fun color, from electric blue-lined and geometric cat eyes to lilac or glittery lips that complement equally colorful and artistically designed collections.

There were glittery gold lips at the Degen presentation at Industria Superstudio during Summer/Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. And while these lip looks aren't for daily wear, you can get fun, temporary lip tattoos, like those from Violent Lips, for occasions like Halloween and the 4th of July, or for festive New Year's Eve and holiday bashes. The lip appliques are around $15 for a set of three at ViolentLips.com. Compare Prices.

Too much? Smooth a shimmery golden gloss or a little glitter over your favorite shade.

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