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The 12 Worst Beauty Looks of 2012


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Extreme Makeup
The 12 Worst Beauty Looks of 2012

Christina Aguilera.

Photo: Frederick M. Brown

Oh, Christina. My girl can sang, I’ll give her that. I like her a lot, but she’s got too many trendy makeup looks going on here—the smoky winged eye, flushed cheeks and red lips. I love a red lip, but this shade might be a bit much for her complexion or maybe it’s just clashing with that hair. OK, I’m not supposed to mention hairstyles, because that’s not my territory, but yeesh! If you happen to like this trend, check out these dip dye hairstyles.

Now back to the face paint. I know Christina likes being flashy, but let’s rock one bold trend at a time.

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