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Nail Files: Care, Tips & Products

Learn how to take care of your nails, learn about the latest nail trends and find the right products and nail polishes for you.

How to Match Nail Color to Skin Tone
Your skin tone and complexion can determine which nail color you should wear.

Custom Nail Solutions Review
A review of Custom Nail Solutions, an at-home artificial nail system that creates a set of nails that are only for you.

Nail Care for Diabetics
How to Care for Your Nails & Feet When You Have Diabetes

Tips for a Safe Gel Manicure

Red Carpet Manicure: Do-It-Yourself Gel Nails
Are your gel manicures getting too expensive? Try these at-home nail kits from Red Carpet Manicure.

Whats in Your Nail Polish?
Does your nail polish contain one or more of the toxic trio--formaldehyde, DBP or toulene? Here are tips on how to choose safer nail polish.

Nail Trends: Talon Nails
Are talon nails the right nail trend for you?

How to Create Ombre Nails
What are ombre nails? Learn how to create them.

How to Give Yourself a Pampering Pedicure
Learn how to give yourself a pampering pedicure to relax, soothe and soften tired, achy feet.

My Favorite Multi-Colored Nail Art Design
Share photos of your favorite multi-colored nail designs!See submissions

5 Nail Art Designs That Show Team Spirit
Nail designs for Super Bowl and other sports events.

Top Nail Trends of 2012
Top nail trends of 2012 from First Lady Michelle Obama's gray gel nail polish to Rihanna's gold manicure.

Valentine's Day Nail Designs
Nail designs for St. Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day and other romantic occasions.

OPI Germany Collection
The OPI Germany Collection fall/winter 2012 nail lacquers feature gem-toned colors that look great on dark skin tones.

Holiday Nails
Need ideas for the holiday nails? Try one of these seven fun and festive nail techniques and designs.

14 Great Holiday Nail Products
Here are 14 great product ideas for holiday parties and gifts.

Summer Nail Trends: Pastels & Beach Brights
Nail Trends: Try these summer pastels and sunny shades from Orly, Duri and Impala.

4 Top Nail Picks For Spring
Try these four great nail items for spring.

Hot Summer Nails
Try these hot summer nail colors, easy artificial nails and nail appliques.

Your Questions Answered: What’s Causing My Cracked Cuticles & Skin?
5 reasons you have cracked cuticles and peeling skin around the nails and how to solve them.

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