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Nail Art Designs That Show Team Spirit


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Super Bowl Designs You Can Wear Anytime
Nail Art Designs That Show Team Spirit

Seahawks vs Broncos.

Photo: © Gerrie Summers

If you want to "sport" kooky or elaborate nail art, sports events provide the perfect time and place to do it. No matter how crazy the designs, they'll probably never look crazier than a face painted in team colors! If textured green nails that look like a fuzzy football field or NFL and other sports decals are still a bit much for you, you can simply paint your nails in your team's colors. But if that's too tame, here are some tips for nail designs that female football fanatics can show off at tailgate and viewing parties and actual games. Some of the these designs are from Katie Saxton of Custom Nail Solutions and feature purple for the San Francisco 49ers and red for the Baltimore Ravens, but you can use your favorite team’s colors (like the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos in the design above) and wear them at any sports event.

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