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OPI Germany Collection


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German-I-Cure by OPI
OPI Germany Collection

German-I-Cure by OPI.

Photo: OPI

OPI’s Germany Collection for Fall/Winter 2012 draws inspiration from fashion trends in Germany, featuring classic and avant-garde looks. The nail lacquer collection is described as elegance with an edge and includes 12 shades that are a mixture of honey, taupe and nude rose neutrals and rich red, burgundy and jewel tones, inspired by designs from the Berlin runways.

I'm featuring a lot of the deeper, shimmery shades in the collection, which look great for festive occasions. Plus the rich, gem tones also look stunning on darker skin tones.

I’m a sucker for deep shimmery or sparkly nail polish, especially for my toenails, so I’m in love with most of the shades in this collection. (The lighter shades look nice, but I’m not crazy about most pastels on me.)

Starting with German-I-Cure by OPI, a shade that is on trend for the season; it's a deep burgundy-copper shimmer, which is a hot color for the fall into winter.

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