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Natural Alternatives to Petroleum Jelly


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Natural Alternatives to Petroleum Jelly

Waxelene, The Petroleum Jelly Alternative.

Photo: Courtesy of Waxelene

Waxelene, with its familiar-sounding name, is marketed as the petroleum jelly alternative. The claim? Whatever you use petroleum jelly for, Waxelene is the natural substitute—for everything from moisturizing skin, reducing diaper rash irritation, to protecting against chapped lips. The list goes on.

Ingredients include vitamin E oil, beeswax, organic rosemary and organic soy. The beeswax is unbleached and raw, which means it retains all of its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant benefits. Rosemary oil improves blood circulation and with its anti-bacterial properties works as a natural preservative. Natural unrefined vitamin E oil also has anti-oxidant and inflammatory properties and helps protect and rejuvenate skin cells.

Waxelene definitely softens the skin without the waxy, gooey feel (and smell) of petroleum jelly. Waxeline has the suggested retail price of $15.99 for a 9 oz jar and $6.99 for a 2 oz jar. To purchase or to find stores that carry Waxelene visit Waxelene.com.

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