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Review of Essence Cosmetics' Waterproof & Long-Lasting Makeup

No Limits Volume Mascara, Liquid Eyeliner, Eyeliner Pen & Stay With Me Lipgloss

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Review of Essence Cosmetics' Waterproof & Long-Lasting Makeup

Essence Waterproof and long-lasting makeup.

Photo: © Gerrie Summers

Essence Cosmetics is a German budget beauty & makeup line, on the lines of our drug store brands. From the looks of the website it’s a fun, youthful collection of bright eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, nail lacquers and other makeup items. Included in this review are waterproof and long wear makeup items.

Essence Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof

What It Is/What It Does

This liquid eyeliner promises to be waterproof and smudge proof.


The small size of this eyeliner makes it great for traveling, but the brush applicator is not easy to work with. If you're good at applying liquid eyeliner, this eyeliner might be fine for you, if not, it can tend to streak. There is not much control and again, the formula is thin. On the plus side, it is waterproof as stated. I tried to remove it with water alone and it didn’t budge. Using an eye makeup remover, it was easy to remove without damaging my lashes.

Essence No Limits Waterproof Volume Mascara

Essence No Limits Waterproof Volume Mascara.

Photo: Essence Cosmetics

What It Is

A waterproof, volumizing mascara that “gives lashes volume with no limits.”

What It Does

The mascara promises “unlimited volume” and a waterproof formula that is smudge proof.


I wasn’t happy with the results of this mascara and I can’t recommend it. It didn’t curl, lengthen, volumize, or do much of anything to my lashes. I applied three coats and saw very little difference when compared to my bare lashes. It was also a bit watery.

In spite of being watery upon application, the one plus is that it actually is waterproof. It would have been nice if it work better, especially since it is less than $3.

Essence Eyeliner Pen

What It Is

An eyeliner crayon with a specialized Japanese felt tip for a precise line.

What It Does

Essence Eyeliner Pen promises to create a non-smudging, extra long lasting and precision line.


It is easier to use than the liquid eyeliner. The first time I applied the eyeliner pen, it glided on. The second time I used it, it seemed to have dried out a bit, even though the top was tightly closed, so I had to run the pen along the lash line about four times to produce the right amount of color. Application also wasn’t as smooth as the first time and that’s a problem because the felt tip is hard and you don’t want to have to use too much pressure on the eyelids. The eyeliner pen is available in black.

Essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss

Essence Stay With Me Lipgloss in Berry Me.

Photo: Essence Cosmetics

What It Is

Stay With Me is a long lasting liquid lip gloss.

What It Does

Stay With Me gives a sheer, moist long lasting color to lips without stickiness.


The Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss was a different story. The spongy applicator applies nicely and the gloss doesn’t have a sticky feel. It has a sheer, moist touch of color. When looking for lipstick or lip gloss, I want something that stays put even through a meal, which most glosses aren’t able to do. Stay With Me did just that. It stayed on even after I devoured two messy seaweed spring rolls. Impressive and the lip gloss is only $2.29. I give the lipgloss three stars. Stay With Me is available in seven shades: 01-Me & My Ice Cream (pink), 02-My Favorite Milkshake (peach), 03-Candy Bar (reddish orange), 04-Trendsetter (dark pink), 05-I Like Cotton Candy (lavender) 06-Berry Me! (magenta) and 07-Kiss Kiss Kiss (red).

Final Word

I was not impressed with these particular eye makeup products, but for such a low price you can save the expensive products for special occasions (or when you’re going to be scrutinized) and use this line to economize. I did like the lip gloss, and other items in the Essence Cosmetics line seem promising.

User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Essence Powder and Purifying Nose Strips., Member glamorosity

I recently finished my essence powder. I mainly used it considering I have very oily skin. This powder helped be look more clean and gave me nice skin. The nose strips were very good. Unfortunately I bought nose strips from another company today and I tried one, and I wasn't very pleased, considering nothing come out on the strip. I haven't tried any other products from essence because sometimes the products look a little cheap in quality and sometimes they just do't suit me. However it is a terrific company and I will hopefully use it again without being let down.

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