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Our Skin Problems

Skin of color has a unique structure, making it react differently to some cosmetics, medicines and treatments, and even the environment. Skin of color is prone to certain problems like discoloration and scarring that can occur from skin trauma from poor skin care practices at home, incorrect diagnoses for problem skin, and harsh and improper cosmetic treatments from health and beauty professionals unfamiliar with our special skin care needs. Here are articles about, and tips and resources for your special skin problems

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots From Mosquito Bites
Tips to get rid of dark spots from insect bites.

12 Shaving Tips To Prevent Ingrown Hairs
Try these tips to prevent ingrown hairs from forming when you shave your legs.

Diabetes & Skin Care
Skin care tips for women with diabetes.

The Top 10 Acne Mistakes
Acne prone? Check this list for 10 things you may be doing wrong.

Acne & Skin of Color
Interview with Dermatologist Sejal Shah: Dr. Shah gives tips for caring for acne-prone skin of color.

Nail Care for Diabetics
How to Care for Your Nails & Feet When You Have Diabetes

What Is Eczema? How Does It Appear on Skin of Color?
Eczema is a inflammatory skin condition that causes severe itchiness and unique problems in skin of color, including skin discoloration.

Hyperpigmentation in Skin of Color
What is hyperpigmentation and why is it so common in darker skin?

Hyperpigmentation Treatment for Skin of Color: Proceed With Caution
Hyperpigmentation treatments for skin of color.

Why Do I Have White Spots on My Skin?
Reader Q&A: Why do I have white spots on my skin?

White Age Spots
How to identify and treat IGH hypopigmentation or small white spots on skin of color.

Top 8 Products to Cover Up Hyperpigmentation
8 great products to cover dark spots and skin discoloration.

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