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Go Green Beauty Tips

Plant a Beauty Garden, Learn How to Green Your Beauty Routine & More


Go Green Beauty Tips
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Top Tip for April

Go green. Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, reminds us to respect the earth as well as ourselves by going green. The day is meant to increase awareness of the earth and the environment, promote ecology and respect for the planet. You can practice green beauty by looking for Fair Trade products, products with recyclable packaging and by using earth-friendly, natural and/or environmentally safe homemade products.

Earth Day/Eco-Friendly Beauty

Green Beauty
Learn how to green your beauty routine through this article by Anitra Brown, About.com’s Guide to Spas. Find healthier alternatives to beauty products that are free from synthetic chemicals. Learn how to buy green and how to tell if products are really green.

8 Tips for a Green Beauty Routine
This article has tips for making your own hand wash, buying refillable bottles to bottle store-bought or homemade products, using bar soap instead of shower gel, using multitasking beauty products, and creating your own beauty products.

Top Green Makeup Products
From lip balm to makeup, here are inexpensive green beauty products that won’t make you spend too much green!

Green Beauty Guide
Read About.com’s Skin Care Guide Jen Adkin’s interview with green beauty expert Julie Gabriel, author of The Green Beauty Guide, for help with picking eco-friendly skin care products, with earth-friendly packaging and ingredients.

Make Your Own Beauty Products

Be sure to schedule in some time this month to plant a beauty garden or visit markets for fresh and natural beauty ingredients to create your own skin care treatments.

Plant a Beauty Garden
Many herbs, plants and flowers are used as ingredients in beauty and skin care products. Why not grow your own? Here's how.

Homemade Beauty Recipes

Homemade Hydrating Serum
This hydrating facial serum uses jojoba oil, wheat germ oil and rosehip seed oil to improve skin circulation, protect against damage from the loss of elasticity, and adds much needed moisture to dry and mature skin.

Cranberry Anti-Aging Face Mask
This anti-aging face mask contains anti-inflammatory cranberries and antioxidant-rich red grapes to fight free radicals and protect against UV damage, plus grapefruit juice, which has antibacterial properties.

Turmeric for Beauty
Dip into your kitchen cabinets and frig to make this article's DIY face cleanser, facial mask, night cream and acne treatment that include healing turmeric spice as a surprising beauty ingredient.

Turmeric Anti-Aging Recipes for the Face
Try these two great at-home treatments to improve your skin tone and texture and protect against wrinkles, for a smooth and clear complexion.

Switch to Mineral Makeup

As the months start to get warmer, you'll probably want to switch to lighter makeup. One option is mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is believed to be safer and better for the skin than traditional makeup when it is formulated without harmful fillers, chemicals, preservatives and fragrances. Just be sure to look for mineral makeup that uses pure minerals. And mineral makeup also has added bonuses: it's safe for sensitive skin types and provides natural UVB/UVB protection from titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Motives for La La Cosmetics
This new mineral-based makeup line by La La Vazquez Anthony was created especially for women of color with makeup artist Loren Ridinger.

Ferro Cosmetics
Here's a review of another mineral makeup line called Ferro Cosmetics, which uses 100% pure ground minerals and has some great, vivid eyeshadows. Find out which shades look good on skin of color.

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