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Top Beauty Tips for February

Get Ready for Valentine's Day, Moisturize Dry Skin, Stock Up On Fragrances


Top Beauty Tips for February

During this month of love, give your skin and yourself a little TLC.

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Top Tip For February

Stock up on fragrance. If you love fragrances, February is a good month to purchases perfume, cologne and fragrance gift sets from special Valentine’s Day promotions.

Valentine’s Day Beauty

14 Top Valentine’s Day Beauty Products
Here are 14 sexy and fabulous beauty products for a fun Valentine’s Day and night, including perfume, candles that double as massage oil, lip primers and shimmering body cream.

Best Perfumes for Valentine's Day
Find the perfect scents for Valentine's Day, to wear, give or to receive.

6 Beauty Products for Date Night
Here are six product ideas from makeup primer to hot red nail polish to get you ready for a special date, a Valentine's Day dinner or a fun night out on the town.

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips

How to Choose & Use Shimmer Makeup
Add a little shimmer to your body and shine like a jewel. Find out what kind of shimmer products to use, how to use them and what products will look good on your skin tone.

Create Romantic, Kissable Lips
For romantic evenings, you need stunning, kissable lips. Lips that are smooth and conditioned look better in lipstick and lip gloss. Learn how to apply lip color, prevent bleeding and fading and other tips for beautiful lips.

Red Hot & Glamorous
Want gorgeous red lips for Valentine’s Day. Learn how to pick right shade of red lipstick for your skin tone with a look at celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Fan Bingbing and Vanessa Hudgens for inspiration.

How to Wear Red Lipstick
Learn how to pick the right color or blend your perfect shade of red, and six rules for wearing red lipstick.

Cold Weather Survival

During cold weather months, remember to take shorter, lukewarm showers or short baths in warm/tepid water, using shower gels and gentle cleansers to prevent over-drying. For severely dry or chapped hands or feet, smooth on rich moisturizer, then cover with white cotton gloves or socks overnight. Keep reading for more help for dry skin.

Get Help For Dry Winter Skin
Dry winter air and bitter cold wind can have a drying effect even on the oiliest of skin. Here are 18 tips to keep your skin healthy, well-hydrated, soft and protected.

Ashy Skin
What happens when brown skin gets extremely dry? Grayish skin cells that flake off like dandruff, or what we call ashy skin. Try these tips to keep skin moisturized and ash-free.

Acne & Winter Skin Care
When you have acne-prone skin, drying acne products only add to the problem of dryness, and the use of rich moisturizers can sometimes make matters worse. Here are four acne skin care tips to beat winter dryness.

More Relief for Dry Skin
Six more tips to get rid of dry skin caused by winter.

Ingredients to Heal & Moisturize Dry Skin

Petroleum Jelly
Is petroleum jelly the super treatment for dry hands feet, elbows and heels? How much of this is myth and how much is hype?

Natural Alternatives
Not sure about the safety of petroleum jelly? Here are some safe and effective alternatives.

Shea Butter
This African oil has anti-aging and healing properties and benefits for cracked and dry, peeling skin.

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