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Top Beauty Tips for the New Year

Make Resolutions, Schedule Beauty Time, Prepare for a Beautiful New Year


Top Beauty Tips for the New Year

Be sure to schedule in your beauty regimen.

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Top Tip for January

Take advantage of post-holiday sales. January is a great month to stock up on beauty, makeup, and skin care items, and to take advantage of gift sets that contain several products for a great low price.

Make Your Beauty Resolutions Now
What can you do to improve your skin and beauty routine this year? These are 10 suggestions for beauty resolutions to keep.

Start Your Beauty Calendar

Here's to a beautiful New Year! Start it out right by creating your own beauty calendar for things to do throughout the year. Each month I’ll give you suggestions and tips.

To do daily: Plan your daily skin regimen, with the proper products and routines for your skin type and special skin concerns.

Do You Know Your Skin Type?
Find out how to tell if you have normal, dry, oily, combination, sensitive or mature skin. Knowing your skin type will help you figure out what products you need to use for your cleansing routine, as well as other products like foundations and concealers.

Schedule in your morning and evening cleansing and moisturizing routines.

Dry Winter Skin
Cold January weather can strip the skin of much needed moisture. There are some things that we do to keep warm that can make matters worse like setting the thermostat too high and drying out the skin with too much indoor heating, or taking hot showers and long, hot baths. This article has tips to keep your skin well hydrated during the winter months.

Homemade Hydrating Face Serum
Be sure to use nourishing ingredients in winter skin care treatments like jojoba and wheat germ oil found in this Hydrating Face Serum.

Basic Skincare Regime
Here are five steps for skin care cleansing, including the right and wrong ways to cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate the skin.

Take Five: Cleanse Your Face In Just Five Minutes
Only have five minutes? Cleanse your face in three simple steps.

Quiet Time

Schedule in 15 minutes of meditation or quiet time. Too much stress can have a negative impact on the health of your skin. Here’s information on the benefits of meditation, techniques and just letting go of all the voices in your head to relieve stress and quiet the mind.

Try Mindfulness Meditation
Not sure how to begin? Here’s a type of meditation to help you focus and become more aware of your thoughts and actions, which research has shown may improve mood, decrease stress and boost immune function.

To do weekly: manicures, pedicures, facials, shampooing and conditioning of hair, cleaning brushes and combs. Try to schedule one day FREE of heat styling or blow-drying.

Every two weeks: deep condition or give hair a hot oil treatment.

Winter Hair Tips
Your haircare needs change during the winter. When the temperatures dip, here are five tips to keep your hair looking hot.

Clean your hair and makeup brushes.

How to Clean Your Hairbrushes
Diehards clean their hairbrushes once a week. But you should clean hair brushes at least every two weeks to get rid of dirt and product build-up that can ruin your nice, freshly washed hair as well as eventually damage your brush.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes
Beauty professionals suggest that you clean makeup brushes once a week. If that’s too much for your busy schedule, do this at least every two weeks. Here are steps for cleaning your brushes.

Once a month: Depending on your individual needs, schedule time for eyebrow tweezing and grooming, hair removal and for having hair trimmed, touched up, colored, styled, re-twisted or locked. To make it simple, you might want to schedule a special beauty day once a week, every two weeks, (or whenever you can fit it in), to do beauty maintenance.

Eyebrow Shaping
Having well-groomed eyebrows is essential. Here’s a step-by-step to help you shape your brows.

How to Groom Your Eyebrows
Eyebrows can make or break your makeup look. The right shape can help you look expressive. The wrong look can make you look like you're in a constant state of shock. Since you don't want that, here are more tips for well-plucked eyebrows.

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