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Info, Tips, Advice, Treatments and Skin Care Regimens for Skin of Color


Certain skin care basics are relatively universal, but multicultural women have specific concerns that aren’t always adequately addressed, even by some skin care professionals. Here you’ll find solutions, tips, advice, plus skin care treatments and regimens geared toward your special needs.

  1. Healthy Skin of Color: Problems & Solutions
  2. Sun Care Tips for Women of Color
  3. Do-It-Yourself Skin Care Treatments & Recipes

Healthy Skin of Color: Problems & Solutions

While all human skin is basically the same, skin of color has cellular and structural differences that make it more sensitive and reactive. The sun, certain skin conditions, beauty treatments and other factors can lead to skin discolorations, keloid scars and other problems. Our skin is delicate and has special needs. Learn how to handle it with care.

Sun Care Tips for Women of Color

Portrait of a woman on a beach.

Thanks to increased amounts of melanin in your skin, as a woman of color you have an advantage when it comes to sun damage protection because you have a built-in SPF. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to take precautions to protect your skin from UV rays. Here are important facts and information about sun care, sun damage risks, sunscreen and other sun protection products, and advice and tips that every woman of color should know.

Do-It-Yourself Skin Care Treatments & Recipes

Two women wearing facial masks.

Cleopatra was a do-it-yourself beauty queen. Our ancestors’ beauty regimens utilized pure and simple ingredients that really worked. Read about natural ingredients and try these beauty recipes and at-home treatments you can do yourself.

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