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Fashion Fair True Finish Refining Mineral Foundation Review

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Fashion Fair True Finish Refining Mineral Foundation Review

Fashion Fair True Finish Refining Mineral Foundation.

Photo: Fashion Fair Cosmetics

Fashion Fair’s first liquid mineral foundation has been in development for four years. According to the company, this lightweight foundation is meant to meet the “diverse and unique” needs of a black woman’s complexion, skin undertones and textures and is formulated with a technology said to protect and hydrate the skin, leaving it with a smooth, natural, and luminous “true finish.”

Fashion Fair True Finish Refining Mineral Foundation


  • Oil free
  • Paraben free
  • Fragrance free


  • As a mineral foundation, it contains natural sunscreen (titanium dioxide) but it’s not formulated to provide complete sun protection, so you’ll need sunscreen underneath. (I recommend doing this for most foundations).


18 Shades of FF True Finish.

Image: Fashion Fair Cosmetics

True Finish is an illuminating and color adapting foundation with HUE Harmony technology that promises to adapt to your complexion, working in harmony with your undertone and texture for a smooth and youthful finish. It contains malachite (a semi-precious mineral rich in copper and antioxidants) to help retain hydration. One shade can cover over three tones. It’s also buildable to your preferred coverage.

  • Manufacturer - Fashion Fair Cosmetics

  • Available in 18 shades from dark brown to light tan, with yellow, red or neutral undertones:

Red Undertones

  • Precious Onyx (dark brown)
  • Honest Chocolate (medium dark brown)
  • Powerful Bronze (medium brown)
  • Confident Copper (medium brown)
  • Chic Cinnamon (medium light brown)
  • Peaceful Pecan (light brown)

Yellow Undertones

  • Fine Mahogany (medium dark brown)
  • Loving Mocha (medium brown)
  • Alluring Cocoa (medium light brown)
  • Virtuous Truffle (light brown)
  • Gracious Golden (medium tan)
  • Soulful Tan (light tan)
  • Joyful Caramel (dark tan)
  • Rich Toffee (dark tan)
  • Sexy Sand (medium beige)

Neutral Undertones

  • Enduring Ebony (medium dark brown)
  • Wise Honey (light brown)
  • Tenacious Topaz (light tan)

  • Size: 1 fl oz
  • Suggested retail price: $28
  • Available at select stores including Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, BonTon, Belk, Dillard’s and on FashionFair.com.

Guide Review of Fashion Fair True Finish Refining Mineral Foundation

I was sent Fashion Fair True Finish Refining Mineral Foundation in Loving Mocha, a medium brown shade with yellow undertones. The first time I applied it, I thought the foundation was going to be too light for my skin tone, but after blending it in with a foundation brush (and I used a Fashion Fair foundation brush), it actually did adjust and blended nicely to my complexion. I couldn’t even tell I had makeup on. I had read complaints about other Fashion Fair foundations being too orange or red in tone for some users. So I’m sure this line's range featuring three undertones is to address that issue.

I also liked that the bottle has a pump. This is definitely a plus and is especially useful if you like to apply foundation with your fingertips. It helps extend the life of your makeup because there’s less chance of bacteria getting inside the bottle. A word of caution: If you’re heavy-handed, be careful when pressing the pump. I’m usually able to apply a small amount onto my fingertips with a pump, but with this one, a little tap sent the foundation across the room. Even when I applied it onto the back of my hand (which is the right way to do it!) it still squirted out too much foundation.

You also need to use a finishing spray or powder with this foundation. It does transfer a bit and when I used it on a warm day (it wasn’t even hot and humid), the makeup began to sweat off.

The Bottom Line

True Finish Refining Mineral Foundation in Loving Mocha.

Photo: Fashion Fair Cosmetics

I didn’t find anything wrong with this foundation. I like the fact that it is lightweight and sheer. I hate using a foundation that feels like you're wearing a mask. It also didn’t feel too thick or sticky and I especially loved the fact that no one could tell I had on makeup. To be honest, after watching Fashion Fair’s behind-the-scenes You Tube video for the line, I thought it might be too heavy. I was pleasantly surprised.

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