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Ferro Cosmetics Review

Review of Ultimate Foundation, Powder Veils, Eye Candy, Blush & Glow Bronzers

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Ferro Cosmetics Review

Ferro Cosmetics Ultimate Foundation.

Photo: Ferro Cosmetics

Product Line Description

Ferro Cosmetics uses 100% pure ground minerals without harmful fillers, oils, chemicals, preservatives and fragrances that can be found in other mineral makeup.

The mineral formula has light reflective properties, giving skin a luminescent glow while diminishing crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles. There are no irritants, so it is safe for sensitive skin and also contains natural titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, providing a natural UVA/UVB shield and is water-resistant.

Ultimate Foundation


Ultimate Foundation is a full coverage foundation and concealer in a matte shine-free, waterproof and smudge-proof formula that promises to last up to 15 hours.


The manufacturer claims that Ultimate Foundation is the first and only pure mineral foundation that yields coverage with a concealer, the waterproof high performance of long wear, evens out skin tone like a liquid, with the flawless, matte finish of a finishing powder.

The lightweight, natural loose mineral powder comes in 13 shades to minimize lines and pores without settling into them. It also contains anti-aging benefits of pure calcium, silk and pearl powders and regulates skin’s natural moisture balance without drying it out. It covers and conceals acne on the face and body, redness from rosacea, broken capillaries and birthmarks, with kaolin clay to absorb excess oils, keeping skin shine free for hours. What it doesn’t have: bismuth, parabens, dye, talc and fillers.


The foundations are in four categories. There are four shades for fair to light skin tones, three shades for light medium to medium, three for tan or ethnic skin tones and three for dark skin tones. I don't think the dark skin tone category goes deep enough. I thought Mocha Beige would be way too light on me, but it turned out to be fine. I do like the fact that I couldn't tell I had any product on. Still, I believe a slightly darker shade would look better on my skin tone.

Not sure how to use mineral makeup? This step by step on how to apply mineral makeup should help.

Crystal Mineral Veils

Ferro Cosmetics Mineral Powder Veil.

Photo: Ferro Cosmetics


Mineral powder veils enhance and beautify skin and makeup and can be worn alone or over makeup for a flawless, diffused airbrush-like finish.

Ferro’s Crystal Mineral Veils are illuminating veils that have a dewy, subtle crystalline effect on skin to brighten dull skin with illuminating mica minerals. It mixes with light to minimize flaws and improves overall appearance of the skin. It also contains amino acids and proteins from an infusion of pure silk powder to improve the skin from within. The Veils are available in four sheer shades and can be mixed with eye creams, face moisturizers and body lotion for a nice glow.

Matte Veils

The Matte Veils help get rid of shiny skin and oily T-zones. It absorbs oil throughout the day and can be used as a primer or a finishing powder to eliminate shine and control oily skin. It has kaolin clay to absorb oils without drying skin. What it doesn’t have: cornstarch, talc or preservatives.

You can use the veil to reduce shimmer in already applied products, soften a heavy application or as a primer to help makeup last from day to night.


I tested the Crystal and Matte Veils in the darkest shade, Amber. The matte veil does take away any shine and works well as a primer under the foundation, but the Crystal Veil actually gave my skin a pinkish, ashy cast. Again, darker shades are needed, but as our About.com Guide to Beauty Julyne Derrick states in her article Is Mineral Foundation for You?, the ingredients for mineral makeup literally comes from nature and "some women with darker skin may not find a suitable match."

Blush X3

Ferro Cosmetics Blush X3.

Photo: Ferro Cosmetics


Blush X3 can be used in three ways: as a blush that can build to the desired amount of color, as a lip color by dipping a lip brush into the minerals, applying to the desired color and then finished with a clear coat of gloss, balm or other lip product, and as an eye shadow.


I was sent Blush X3 in Fawn, Merlot and Terra Cotta. Merlot was too light of a shade for the cheeks and made my skin look ashy. Fawn and Terra Cotta were better, but are barely noticeable on my skin, so I wouldn't use them as blush, especially if I wanted a flushed look. The product does add an interesting sparkle (not too much) to the skin.

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