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Lucid Cosmetics Lucid Lip Gloss Review


Review of Lucid Lip Gloss
Lucid Cosmetics Lucid Lip Gloss Review

Lucid Lip Gloss shades: Napa, Sobe, Capri, The Hills, Aspen, Cabo, Tropez & Big Apple.

Photo: Courtesy of Lucid Cosmetics

Lucid Lip Gloss is the first product collection from Lucid Cosmetics, a new beauty line founded by Jennifer Williams from VH1’s Basketball Wives, in collaboration with Michael Todd Cosmetics.

Lucid was officially launched in November 2011 with five lip gloss shades. The lip gloss collection now includes eight shiny, semi-sheer shades that are inspired by Williams’ travels to Paris, Dubai, Maldives, Thailand, Monte Carlo and the Caribbean.


• Hydrating lip tints that can be worn alone or with other lip products.
Manufacturer: Lucid LLC
Price: $18.50, 0.25 oz

Main Ingredients

• Polyisobutylene
• White mineral oil
• Vitamin E


• Some nice shades
• Decent texture, not too sticky
• Long-lasting and moisturizing


• Expensive for the amount of product
• Sponge applicator (which tend to soak up product)

Guide Review of Lucid Lip Gloss

The Design. The transparent lightweight tube has an elongated oval shape and a silver metallic cap. The package design is similar to Urban Decay’s Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss (sans the graphics of men in their underwear, of course). This is good and bad. I’ve read about the wand coming out of the top in some cases. I didn’t experience that problem, but I can see how that might happen. The slim design would make it good for traveling—it can easily be tucked inside a Ziploc if you’re traveling by air or inside a small clutch.

Another possible negative is I suspect that a lot of the gloss will probably go to waste—from being soaked up by the sponge wand and by the bottle shape itself. I prefer the squeeze tubes because you can either apply the gloss onto a brush or onto your fingertips. However, I have to admit, with many of those tubes, you don’t always see the actual color. In the Lucid tube you can clearly see the shade. Back in 2005, Korean cosmetic company AmorePacific launched a lip gloss in Asia (Laneige Shiny Lip Gloss) in packaging using DuPont Surlyn polymer that was this exact shape, but was squeezable. It never launched in the US, and there might be a good reason for that, but it would certainly make this more convenient.

The Ingredients. In promotions the lip gloss was described as having an all-natural formula with natural extracts. If you described something as all natural, I’m going to look at the ingredient list to see what goodies are included. In this case the all-natural description is a bit misleading. It’s not all natural if you have synthetic fragrance and artificial coloring, which this gloss contains.

In its favor, it doesn’t have the dangerous ingredients that have been found in some lip glosses and lipsticks. While I’m not crazy about having white mineral oil or D& C Red 27 in my lip gloss, I checked the ingredients out online on a few sites like The Cosmetics Cop and I came to the conclusion that all of the ingredients in this gloss are considered safe. For example, polyisobutylene, the first ingredient listed, provides viscosity, lubrication, and improves shelf life. The second ingredient, white mineral oil, is considered a skin protectant and moisturizer. It is a byproduct of petroleum, which bothers some people, but this type is cosmetic and pharmaceutical grade, and is not the bad non-purified mineral oil in question. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties.

The remaining ingredients serve various purposes from emollients, emulsifiers, thickeners, coloring agents and waxes, what you would typically find in most lip glosses, but if you're looking for all-natural you're better off with something like Divine Lip Shine.

The Product. The gloss is not too sticky (which can be a problem with lip gloss) and it does give you a nice shine, is very moisturizing and keeps the lips hydrated during wear. My favorites are four of the original five shades:

The Hills, a berry pink, gives my already pink lips a bit of shine, so on me it’s like wearing a clear gloss with a little sparkle.

Sobe is a hot pink (or as it’s described on the website “Miami Heat Pink.”)

Tropez is a rich, shimmering champagne-bronze color.

Napa is a plum shade and is my personal favorite.

Big Apple is described as a matte red. I didn’t receive this one, so I’m not sure, but on the website it actually looks like a bronze color with maybe a tinge of red.

New to the collection:

Aspen is a clear gloss to wear alone or over your favorite shade.

Cabo is described as a nude, which Williams promises matches every skin tone. (Not really).

Capri is a coral shade and looked a bit better on me than Cabo. (Both shades look nice in the tube and with a thin coat just give my lips shine, however if I layer them they look horrible.)

While I do like most of the Lucid lip glosses (especially Napa, Sobe and Tropez), there are lip glosses with double the amount of gloss and half the price and of equal or better quality and formulations. It's OK if you want to splurge, not so much if you're on a budget. If you keep an eye out, though, there have been promotions for consumer savings on the Lucid Cosmetics site.

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