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Readers Respond: Your Best Tips for Getting Rid of Dark Under-Eye Circles

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We've all had them at one time or another: Those dark under-eye circles that can make you look oh so tired! Have you found a great way to get rid of them? Share your remedies, products and tips!

Careful Makeup Helps

My mother said I was practically born with dark circles under my eyes, although others in my family don't have them. In addition, there is significant puffiness just above the cheekbones. I admit I haven't tried the puffiness remedies you gave, and I will, but I did recently learn a makeup technique that helps. Instead of applying a light colored concealer directly below the eyes, I now apply a slightly darker base immediately below, then the light concealer goes below the puffy area. This helps to disguise the problem by downplaying the shadows caused by puffiness. I didn't realize that using light concealer on the shadowed, puffy area actually highlighted the problem until I tried this technique. It really helps.


Ice-cold from the fridge in the stereotype cucumber-slices-over-the-eyes pose! Cools down the skin and blood flow, or something like that. Maybe it's the meditation moment...??
—Guest Athena

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