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Readers Respond: Your Best Tips for Getting Rid of Dark Under-Eye Circles

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We've all had them at one time or another: Those dark under-eye circles that can make you look oh so tired! Have you found a great way to get rid of them? Share your remedies, products and tips! Share Your Tips

Dark Circles

My doctor told me that my dark circles could be due to stress and work overload which can be removed with skin therapy.

Dark Circles

For me taking grape seed extract for going on 18 yrs soon, has kept my eyes very healthy and no dark circles. I'll be 75 soon....no more allergies and sinus issues and hopefully no cancer will happen in my body. This is a powerful antioxidant.

see an allergist

My allergist told me that my dark circles could be due to my chronic sinus congestion.
—Guest cbucci

Arnica Gel

I use a small amount of Arnica Gel under my eyes morning and night, this has helped a lot.
—Guest Softstuff

Careful Makeup Helps

My mother said I was practically born with dark circles under my eyes, although others in my family don't have them. In addition, there is significant puffiness just above the cheekbones. I admit I haven't tried the puffiness remedies you gave, and I will, but I did recently learn a makeup technique that helps. Instead of applying a light colored concealer directly below the eyes, I now apply a slightly darker base immediately below, then the light concealer goes below the puffy area. This helps to disguise the problem by downplaying the shadows caused by puffiness. I didn't realize that using light concealer on the shadowed, puffy area actually highlighted the problem until I tried this technique. It really helps.


Ice-cold from the fridge in the stereotype cucumber-slices-over-the-eyes pose! Cools down the skin and blood flow, or something like that. Maybe it's the meditation moment...??
—Guest Athena

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Your Best Tips for Getting Rid of Dark Under-Eye Circles

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